At Avro Life Sciences, we are developing a unique, transdermal patch for the paediatric delivery of antihistamines. This will be a fun and easy to use, aesthetically pleasing, medicated sticker that you place on your skin. With 1 in 3 children across North America suffering from seasonal or pet allergies, our mission is to develop a simple and effective way for your kids to get their medication without the hassle.


patch backing patch ingredients patch matrix patch adhesive
BACKING:Protects the patch from the outer environment.DRUG:Antihistamine solution in direct contact with the slow release membrane.MEMBRANE:Controls the slow release of the drug from the reservoir.ADHESIVE AND PERMEATION ENHANCER:Adheres the patch to the skin. The enhancer increases bioavailability of the drug.


photo of advisor 1
Keean Sarani (CEO)
photo of advisor 2
Shak Lakhani (CTO)
photo of advisor 3
Shawn Reeves (Intern)


photo of advisor 4
Dr. Maleek Jamal
photo of advisor 5
Dr. Mark Goldberg
photo of advisor 6
Dr. Wayne Chang
photo of advisor 7
Dr. Adrien Côté
photo of advisor 8
Dr. Shawn Wettig
photo of advisor 9
Dr. Muhammad Mamdani


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