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Avro’s core delivery platform utilizes ionic liquids to extract and wash out lipids from the stratum corneum and epidermis, enabling the passive transdermal delivery of small molecules and peptides, and the localized dermal delivery of macromolecules - including proteins, antibodies, ASOs, siRNAs, mRNAs, CRISPR-RNP payloads, and more.

Our technology serves as a robust, compliance enhancing alternative to subcutaneous and intravenous injections for systemic therapeutics, and as a first-in-class enabling solution for the targeted delivery of larger and more complex payloads into the upper layers of the skin. Avro aims to increase the efficacy of medicines affecting epidermal cells, keratinocytes, melanocytes and more, by replacing current “half-way” solutions including but not limited to intradermal injections, skin grafts, microneedles, and viral delivery methods.

Ionic liquids are salts made of an organic cation, and inorganic/organic anion, which take a stable liquid form at room temperature. They’ve seen countless applications across many industries from filtration processes to biomass degradation to drug delivery.


   - Tunable delivery platform composed of biocompatible and non-toxic excipients

    - Capable of passively delivering charged and/or large molecules (>100kDa) across the stratum corneum without any physical disturbance or cytotoxicity to the skin

    - Scalable encapsulation system comprised of low COGS materials, allowing for simple scale-up production of kg’s of ionic liquids per day if needed

    - Preserved payload viability and function; ionic liquids maintain protein / nucleic acid structure and therapeutic effect post-incorporation into formulation

    - 5-10x higher dose loading capacity than previously demonstrated within the art of transdermal drug delivery