AVR-335 is a topically available tissue targeted PEGylated small molecule TrkA inhibitor for psoriasis and associated pruritus. It uniquely targets the NGF-TrkA pathway to reduce neurogenic inflammation, keratinocyte hyperproliferation and itch, driving patient outcomes on two major components of psoriasis; plaques and itch.

AVR-335 (0.05%) has found to elicit clinically significant improvements in both psoriatic plaques (IGA 2 grade composite: 29% AVR-335 vs 13% Vehicle) and itch (60% reduction in two phase IIb studies). It possesses a safety profile suitable for chronic use, sensitive areas, and pediatrics.

AVR-335 produced meaningful and statistically significant improvement in epidermal thickness at Week 12, supporting the effect of AVR-335 on keratinocyte hyperproliferation and inflammation, and produced a statistically significant reduction in T-cell and dendritic cell counts. AVR-335 also produced substantial, statistically significant gene expression improvements on key cytokines which play roles in psoriasis pathogenesis (IL-23, IL-12, IL-17A, TNFa, IFNy among others).