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Avro Life Science is a Y Combinator, Bayer Pharmaceuticals, and venture backed clinical stage biotechnology startup developing novel materials for delivering drugs into the skin.

Avro has been named as one of the top 20 engineering projects internationally by the James Dyson Foundation, a member of the Kairos Society, and a member of Rotman's Creative Destruction Lab.

We are a mission driven team of 14 based out of Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario, working to maximize the potential of existing therapeutics while enabling the clinical translation and targeted delivery of the next generation of dermal therapeutics, leading the burgeoning field of genetic medical dermatology.

Our previous systems focused on the delivery of small molecules that fell outside of the traditional chemical ranges for transdermal delivery. Our next mission is to tackle a much larger problem – the passive dermal delivery of charged, complex macromolecules like ASOs, siRNAs, CRISPR-RNPs, mRNAs and more. The team is uniquely equipped to draw on insights from the development of our current platform and our specialized testing infrastructure and methodologies to lead the development of this breakthrough technology.

We are looking for bold, ambitious and highly creative scientists with extensive experience in working with the skin and/or other topically targeted organs (eye, lung). The ideal candidate for this position has 3-7 years of experience within academia and industry in delivering drugs into the skin and transfecting relevant epidermal cells. The ability to iterate quickly and parallelize experimentation is essential for this position.

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