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While we don't have any positions available currently, we welcome your inquiry. If you think you could add value, learn and contribute to a collaborative environment, please contact us below or at

Our operations manager will work to keep our small team running as efficiently as possible – removing blockers and optimizing scheduling and organizational systems for the scientific and executive teams while handling a number of responsibilities spanning finances/accounting, business development, design, HR, and office management. We’re looking for a veteran organizational mastermind with 5 or more years of experience, optimally armed with a background in life sciences to better appreciate the day to day work in a research-centric company.

The drug delivery research associate will focus on screening and testing drugs to use with our patch technology. The associate will identify drugs that fit a number of chemical characteristics, and develop methods for combining them with our patches, while developing novel formulations and IP.

Our organic synthetic chemist will work closely with the senior scientific team to design and carry out a variety of multi-step synthetic reactions and obtain the desired products of interest. They will be tasked with utilizing advanced purification and separation techniques, and analyzing results of their reaction schemes using spectral, chromatographic methods etc to develop polymers to be used for transdermal drug delivery applications. We’re looking for a confident organic chemist with 2 or more years of experience – a background in drug delivery is an asset, but not required.

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