Avro Life Science is a venture backed pre-clinical stage biotechnology startup developing novel transdermal drug delivery systems, focusing on small molecules and therapeutics for children and the elderly. We're looking for talented individuals to help us realize our vision.

Drug Delivery Lead Chemist

The core of our technology is a biopolymer which is capable of delivering multiple drugs. We are now looking for an experienced chemist, preferrably with significant experience in working with pharmaceuticals, drug delivery, and transdermal tech, to lead our product development efforts as we expand our drug delivery pipeline.

Drug Delivery Research Associate

The drug delivery research associate will focus on screening and testing drugs to use with our patch technology. The associate will identify drugs that fit a number of chemical characteristics, and develop methods for combining them with our patches, while developing novel formulations and IP.

We aren't hiring at the moment but if you're interested in applying to our general posting contact us at