Scientific Advisors

Dr. Rene Holm
Previous Head and Scientific Director, Drug Product Development, Parenterals and Liquids at Janssen
Prof. Sarah Hedtrich
Assistant Prof, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, UBC
Prof. Shawn Wettig
Assistant Professor, School of Pharmacy, UWaterloo
Dr. Gavin Corcoran
Head of R&D at Sio Gene Therapies (prev. Axovant), previously CMO at Allergan

Business Advisors

Dr. Roger Kaspar
Prev CEO of TransDerm (acq by Allergan), CEO of Ayni Tx
Alasdair Thong
Ex. Director of Venture Investments at Bayer LEAPS
Maleek Jamal
Ex. BCG Healthcare Lead
Dr. Mohammed Mamdani
Ex. Director Pfizer US Outcomes Research