OUR Mission


Avro is a leading preclinical stage pharmaceutical company developing OmniDerm(™)
a platform transdermal technology for the passive delivery of small drug molecules. 

Avro’s novel polymer utilizes cutting-edge advances in biomaterials engineering and micro-encapsulation technology, to hold and deliver a wide range of drugs over a 1-7 day timespan, where transdermal delivery was previously thought to be impossible. 

Our mission is to improve patient health outcomes and quality of life through medication compliance and adherence afforded by effective drug delivery solutions.

To learn more, or chat about partnering, send us a note at: partnering@avrolifesci.com

OUR Solution

Accessible Transdermal Tech

One Size Fits All

One-size-fits-all versatile platform allowing for encapsulation and delivery of a wide variety of different small molecule drugs, inplace of existing “lock and key” patches available on the market, requiring a custom polymer for each drug.

Cost-effective Manufacturing

Cost-effective, tunable, and easily scalable manufacturing processes using easily sourced and non-irritant, non-toxic materials and known industrial methods. Results in a single layer, drug-in-adhesive, sweatproof, waterproof, non-irritant patch with few failure modes during production due to the polymer’s fundamental chemistry.

Eliminating Complex Systems

Relies on fundamental materials science breakthroughs enabled by recent advances in understanding of biomaterial interactions and microencapsulation methods. Eliminates the need for expensive microneedles, lock and key patches, and complex manufacturing processes, allowing Avro to succeed where pharma has failed

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